With the way mainstream media typically represents hunters, it’s always refreshing to see that there are actually some high-profile names who actually know a little bit more about where their food comes from than the butcher at their grocery store.

Right now, archery hunters are getting out camo and game calls, and planning when and where they’ll set up in the woods for thebest chance of harvesting an animal.

As it turns out, there are plenty of famous people who love to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors, too. Here’s a round-up of 10 ideal celebrity, archery hunting buddies – nine of whom hunt in real life, and one of whom is a sharpshooter with a bow.


Lavigne’s first manager, Cliff Fabri, told EW.com: “She goes hunting all the time with her brother and dad.”

This pop star proves you can hunt and still be a punk – in a good way. What’s not to love?


At their wedding, Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert served venison they harvested themselves. Shelton’s a real-deal hunter whose humor would keep everyone entertained. Plus, there’s a small chance he’d bring his good friend Adam Levine along!


In a 2012 interview with Outdoor Life, Pratt said, “Some people fast, some people go on a cruise or visit a day spa. I get out in the woods with a rifle or a bow. That’s my release.”

You’d have the option of rifle or archery hunting with Pratt, and if it’s a slow day in the woods, his hilarious sense of humor would be entertaining.

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