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We’re Smack In The Middle Of The Best King Salmon Season In 10 Years

The KING salmon are back in town!

Commercial king salmon fishermen in California are here to tell us why our favorite coral-colored fish has recently gotten cheaper at the grocery store.

That’s right, king salmon are making a big comeback, so get your favorite recipes ready!

We’re smack dab in the middle of the biggest king salmon fishing season in a decade. The last three years have been especially bad due to the drought.

That’s all over now, so grab these fatty fish while their prices are dropping way down from recent prices.

“You might say this is the old normal, because we’ve been so used to catastrophe,” said executive director at the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, Noah Oppenheim. “Consumers who have been facing tough prices because of scarcity of California salmon are seeing a much more accessible product.”

Early estimates put the number of adult salmon along the Bay Area and Central California coastlines at 380,000 this year. That’s approaching double from 224,000 last year, especially since recent numbers were likely underestimated.

“It appears that the abundance is greater than what was projected,” said John Koeppen, a commercial fisherman who helps set quotas of West Coast salmon fishing.

How to Find the Salmon in Northern California

Cheaper and easier to find is always a good thing when it comes to our favorite food. But why buy someone else’s catch when there is plenty of fish for the angling?

Go catch your own king salmon and take part in the recent salmon-palooza that fishermen have been blessed with.

Finding the best spot to salmon fish isn’t as easy as choosing a favorite type of bait. Luckily, a great guide can make the process a hundred times easier while letting anglers focus on what’s important — catching salmon.

Just make sure to book a qualified guide who knows what they’re talking about.

Yentna verified captains like James Stone will make getting some salmon on your line as easy as possible.

Get yourself to king salmon paradise and book a salmon fishing trip today!

This California native captain will make sure you won’t go hungry any time soon.

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