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VIDEO: Massive Mudslide Tears Through Town After Overflowing From Trench

This looks like this mudslide could have been a lot worse had this town not had a trench to help disperse the mudflow.

Apparently, a large amount of hail caused this intense mudslide in Chamoson, Valais, Switzerland.

Onlookers had heard noise from the movement of the mud a few minutes before they saw it. Once it comes into sight it doesn’t take long for the mud to flow over the trench and completely change the landscape of the neighborhood.

“There was an anomaly when a huge amount of mud came flooding down from the mountains because of hail,” said an onlooker. “People heard the noise 3-4 minutes before, this is why they are waiting, but they were not aware of the amount coming.”

It’s a good thing everyone moved back when they did!

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