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VIDEO: Dolphin Teamwork Makes For Delicious Dinner

Dolphins team up for dinner — or are they line dancing?

Working alone can only get you so far, which is why this dolphin pod works together to have an epic meal.

A woman and her husband captured footage of these dolphins as they team up to chase down their food while whale watching.

They were boating through Discovery Passage in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada when they spotted a massive dolphin formation going right by them.

“We stopped the boat expecting them to pass by us entirely on the right,” the woman said. “Instead, they made a hard left just behind our boat. This is what is captured on video. You can even see them passing under our boat.”

Spotting a pod of dolphins working together like this is truly incredible.

This is nature at its most incredible.

“They had split into two groups and were corralling fish against the rocky shore,” she continued. “We continued to watch and take further video as they excitedly swam back and forth along the shore feeding, before heading on South.”

Backed into a corner

Herding fish like cattle isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of dolphins, but it’s a common practice.

Dolphins are fully capable of hunting on their own, but they often work together when they want to get serious about eating.

Chasing fish towards the rocky shoreline is another typical move when dolphins work together for a meal. They’ll use natural barriers like the shore and sand bars to trap their prey. Then they take turns charging in for a bite.

Flipper was cool and all, but these dolphins use teamwork and take it to another level.

We’re assuming this couple didn’t get too bent out of shape about not spotting any whales on their outing.

Anyone can spot a whale — these dolphins are something they won’t ever forget.


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