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Terrifying Footage Shows Just How Fast a Ship Can Sink

This footage shows just how quickly things can go from a a normal day to a life-threatening situation.

Preparation is key when going out on the water. Whether out fishing or going on a joy ride, having the proper safety equipment is incredibly important in the event of a worse case scenario. This footage from the Coast Guard shows just how fast a ship can sink. Luckily for the people on board, they were prepared and survived what could’ve ended tragically without the proper safety measures.

It only takes a few minutes for a vessel to sink. Make sure you are prepared by having life jackets readily available and a means to communicate in an emergency. Earlier today, a crew from #USCG Station Judith Point, R.I., responded to a vessel collision and safely transferred all crewmembers from the sinking vessel Lucia. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod crews caught the vessel as it sank about 10 miles off Block Island, R.I.News Release:

Posted by U.S. Coast Guard on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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