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Jeep Caught Some Backlash From Trout Unlimited CEO Over Their Super Bowl Commercial

If you watched the Super Bowl this year and stuck around for the commercials, then you probably saw the new Jeep ad. In the commercial, a Jeep Wrangler can be seen crossing a stream in a way only a Jeep can.

If you’re anything like us, you watched it and thought, “Man, I really want a Jeep” — unless you already have a Jeep.

Apparently, Chris Wood, the CEO of Trout Unlimited, didn’t feel the same as we did. Instead, the CEO of the non-profit organization wasn’t happy at all. In fact, he was upset that Jeep would make such an irresponsible ad. He was so upset at Jeep that he wrote them a letter about how driving through a river is terrible for conservation.

Even though Jeep did put a disclaimer in the ad, he didn’t think that was enough.

“This video was filmed on a man-made lake and man-made waterfall,” the disclaimer reads. “The video was filmed on private land in the Southwest and the water does not flow to another natural body of water. The waterfall was also man-made for purposes of filming.”

Here’s Wood’s letter addressing the commercial:

What’re your thoughts on what Mr. Wood discusses in his letter? Should the ad be pulled because it shows what actions that could hurt conservation efforts or is it an overreaction from an ad meant to encourage people to explore?

Here’s the ad for those that haven’t seen it:

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