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Grizzly Bear Robs ‘River Monsters’ Host of His Salmon

In Alaska, a grizzly bear encounter is just a typical Tuesday. That’s why it’s a smart idea to always be prepared and carry a high caliber gun when going into the wilderness. Wherever you go, you need to be aware of your surroundings in the Alaskan outdoors.

Jeremy Wade, host of ‘River Monsters,’ found out the hard way why you can never let your guard down when a giant grizzly could be right around the corner. Jeremy was in the middle of catching the first salmon he’d ever had on a fishing line. There was joy, adrenaline and utter disbelief that this was the first salmon he’d ever hooked.

Unfortunately for Wade, a hungry grizzly had different plans for the television host and his catch – he was hungry and wanted it for lunch. Before Wade knew it, the grizzly had stolen his prized fish, and just like that, his salmon was gone, stolen by a giant furry type of monster the host never expected.

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