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Fishing Impossible: Father And Son Thrown From Bass Boat Without Kill Switch — Son Chases It Down And Jumps Back On

Getting thrown off a boat is easy; getting back on is the challenge

If Hollywood can make a movie about a guy who falls in love with his computer, then this father-son bass boat ejection may be a future summer blockbuster.

Michael Broussard just might be the Tom Cruise of bass fishing. Not the Tom Cruise who jumps on couches, but the one who takes on the impossible and lives to tell about it.

Broussard and his father went fishing in their bass boat in Toledo bend in 2018. We don’t know if they managed to catch any fish, but they caught some bad luck and a bad patch of water.

Everything appears to be going smoothly as he and his father cruise down the water. Then everything falls apart as they cut and they instantly end up in a father-son bass boat ejection.

A killswitch would typically save the pilot and any passengers from getting stranded in the event of a ejections. Broussard turned out to not be wearing his in this case, unfortunately.

“I bypassed donning my usual safety precautions because I was distracted and it almost cost us our lives,” wrote Broussard in the description of his YouTube video. “Despite having been on the water my whole life, I didn’t truly know how unforgiving the water could be and how quickly things can go wrong.”

This provides a great example of how someone can do something safely their entire life and still end up in a life-threatening situation. Getting distracted on the water can have terrible consequences.

“ALWAYS wear your kill switch, life jacket, and other PPE and know your equipment!” Broussard continued. “Big thanks to the guys who picked us up that day, they probably saved our lives.”

That boat won’t get away that easily!

Getting thrown from a boat is rough. Watching it ride off without you is a thousand times worse considering it’s probably going to wreck into something and get destroyed.

Broussard didn’t let that happen, though.

The guy who picked him up didn’t just save their lives, he helped save their boat.

Once Broussard was on board, they ran down his running boat and he hopped on board at 30 miles an hour. One slight misstep could’ve injured Broussard or killed him, but letting the boat drive off was even more dangerous.

This guy deserves some kind of bass fishing movie franchise.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t get a sequel.


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