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Drone Records Massive School Of Swimming Stingrays

Drone footage of captured an incredible sight this past Thursday while flying over Bondi Beach, Australia.

Hundreds of cownose rays can be seen swimming as the aerial footage shows the massive school.

It’s difficult to make out exactly what we’re seeing when the clip starts. But it actually looks like the hundreds of stingrays are formed into one giant pixelated stingray.

The stingrays can be seen as they swim in unison as the camera zooms in.

You can view the Video below

Drone footage captures beautiful view of rays swimming

SO COOL! Amazing drone footage has captured a beautiful view of a school of stingrays swimming off the coast of Australia.? Story: Courtesy: DRONESHARKAPP/Instagram/Facebook

Posted by FOX 5 Atlanta on Friday, May 17, 2019

“Two species of cownose ray can be found in #australianwaters. Apparently they don’t come down as far as this, so I’m assuming it’s the warmer water we have had recently,” Drone Shark App said in their original post.

This isn’t something you’ll get many chances to see, so it’s no surprise the video has quickly gone viral as the school of rays grabs everyone’s attention with how incredibly beautiful it is.

If I needed any other reasons to want to go to Australia, this was just added to the list!

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