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Dolphin(fish) Travels 500-Miles Grows 3-Inches in Just 19 Days

Whether you call them dolphin, dolphinfish, mahimahi, or dorado, there is one thing we can all agree on – they have ferocious appetites, are great aerial fighters, light up with amazing colors, and taste delicious.

Now, we have scientific evidence to back up fast they grow, and and how fast they grow. Gray Fishtail Research just released results from a dolphinfish caught on December 13th that weighed 6-pounds and was 27-inches long. 19 days later it was recaptured 500-miles south, weighed 6-pounds 8-ounces and measured in a 30-inches long.

Gray Fishtag Recapture

Gray Fishtag Recapture

The Gray FishTag Research program has been able to shatter the expectations for fish recapture rates thanks to the hard-working professional fishermen on the water day in and day out. Tags are provided free-of-charge to the collaborating professional fishermen, and the tag data is available to the public at

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