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VIDEO: Whitetail Fawn’s Fun In The Water Turns Deadly As Bald Eagle Swoops Down For Dinner

A relaxing day of swimming turned into a life and death battle for a young whitetail deer when a bald eagle decided it wanted venison for dinner.

Julie Smith of Bloomer, Wisconsin, was out enjoying an early morning on her deck when she spotted a fawn swimming in the lake. Never knowing what she might witness, the fawn was a welcome sight as it splashed along the shore.

Unfortunately for the fawn, it’s day in the water took a turn when a bald eagle swoops down for a meal.

The struggle doesn’t last long as the eagle sinks its talons into the fawn and pulls it underwater.

Smith said she had heard that a neighbor had spotted a bald eagle kill a fawn in their backyard a few weeks earlier but never expected to witness it herself.

“We’ve always had eagles around during the 15 years we’ve had this place, and I’ve seen them swoop in to catch fish,” Smith said. “I know they’ll also take goslings, but I never heard of one killing a fawn. Well, now I know of two cases.”

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