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Red snapper surface feeding frenzy off Alabama (video)

Most recreational anglers along the gulf coast will tell you they are unhappy with red snapper regulations.  The main point anglers try to make is that red snapper are more than plentiful. In some cases, they are a nuisance when fishing for other species.
For Joe Cain of Alabama, he thought his equipment might have been malfunctioning because of the amount of red snapper he was seeing 10 miles south of Dauphin Island, Alabama.

“We had been to a few private wrecks and didn’t think my bottom machine was working,” Cain described. “We went to the public number and the machine blew up from top to bottom. We looked over and red snapper were everywhere 5 to 10-feet below the surface and that’s when we threw a little chum over. It was insane. The video is impressive, but it was twice as many on top. By the time we got the phone out some had already swam below the surface.”
There is no doubt the red snapper population is thriving.  This video should be shared by anyone who agrees that recreational anglers deserve more fishing days.
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