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VIDEO : Giant Sawfish Caught in Florida Keys

Lake Commando’s Steve Pennaz in the Florida Keys hooked up with a Sawfish, a prehistoric monster from the deep. Fishing with Capt. Jim Willcox, Steve holds on for the battle against this fish that’s as big as the boat. Rarely seen or caught, this is a fish of a lifetime.


Steve and Captain Wilcox started the day sharkon fishing (targeting tarpon and sharks) with cutbait on the bottom. After this sawfish, they actually landed two tarpon and a few sharks in the tough conditions.

Steve said of the inital bite, “At first, I didn’t know what was on the line. Didn’t fight like a tarpon, but then didn’t act like a shark either (too slow). We were in shallow water…maybe five feet, and next to real shallow water, but the saw was so big I couldn’t get him to the surface. First thing I saw was the saw. Pretty wicked. Saw was close to 14 feet long.”

Steve’s previous big fish was a white sturgeon from Idaho, and a giant salmon shark from Alaska. When asked about his most unusual catch, Steve said his “Most unusual catch before was a swordfish caught during the day, or piranha caught on leftover steak from dinner. I used a 25 pound sinker to get bait down to Sword in 1,400 feet.”

Steve’s final thoughts on this April 2009 battle, “Memory of the saw is incredible. Will never forget that day. Ever.”

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