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Deer Gets Wrecked By Pothole, Flips Over It And Keeps Running

Now that’s what we call sticking the landing!

This deer must have places to go and whitetail to see after flipping over a hole and not missing a beat as it kept sprinting.

The deer can be seen running down the side of a road in a video posted by Braden Liboiron.

“Oh! I got that on video!” yells a man after the deer eats it and recovers impressively fast.

Mud, debris or some type of hole on the side of the road appear to be the obstacle that made this deer perform a miracle. We’re guessing it’ll pay better attention to where it’s about to step next time.

Oh deer. ??

Posted by Braden Liboiron on Monday, February 20, 2017
We got whiplash just watching this champ of a deer!

We would’ve taken a quick breather after a hit as hard as it took, but there’s no slowing down for this deer!

It might want to drop by the store for some Advil and a bag of ice after making it out of that one.

Deer gymnastics

This isn’t the first high-flying deer we’ve seen. But this one may have a future in competitions if the Olympics are looking to allow four-legged competitors in on the action.

Sticking the landing could use some work, but that shouldn’t be an issue with how lightning-fast it recovered.

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