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At 987 Feet Deep, World’s Deepest Blue Hole Obliterates Old Record

The world has a new deepest blue hole in the China Sea. Sinking to 987 feet, this opening completely obliterates the old record of 663 feet held by Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

Blue holes are simply massively deep sinkholes in the ocean that plummet hundreds of feet down. This one in particular is so deep, there is almost no oxygen in the water past 328 feet, meaning it’s incredibly unlikely there is any life at lower depths.

Known as the “Sansha Yongle Dragon Hole,” this underwater sinkhole has actually been known to locals for thousands of years. It’s located in the Paracel Islands, or Xisha in Chinese.

Officials seek to protect this natural wonder left by the Earth; it’s not hard to see why.

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