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The Top 10 College Towns For Anglers and Sportsman

Not only are students involved in most ubiquitous sports, such as basketball, football, and tennis, they are also interested in some unique and extraordinary, at first glance, ones. Meaning that graduates day-by-day become more involved in sports like fishing and hunting; however, not many universities have such games to offer. As follows, when one aspires to combine his or her studies with the aforementioned sports, specific universities should be kept in mind. 

What is more, in order to enter into the educational institution, one is to describe the reason and the overall goal of applying to the specific halls of knowledge. Writing a personal statement for college is an inevitable part of the application. Hence, one is sure to take it seriously while having ambitions to enter into a specific college. Aside from that, educational institutions that offer students various sports should be clarified and described, so have a look at the list down below to ensure which one suits you the best.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

The campus is not the typical urban one for the reason that it is located between two lakes and is considered to be home to prime public land hunting for turkeys and whitetails. It is known that students of the UW-Madison may well cooperate with Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources for recruitment and other various programs. The overall aim of graduates is to unite the hunting community within the student body and to engage newbies into outdoor activities. 

The University of Montevallo

A relatively new program, which was implemented in 2015, was constructed to offer youngsters a beneficial experience in fishing and hunting. Meaning by that students is to attend and directly participate in meetings related to sports, as mentioned above. What is more, attendees are to complete various coursework, to be present at lectures, and most importantly, to learn how to deal with the dress and prepare fish. The aim is to prepare graduates for a career in such a subdivision.

The University of Montana

The university is an excellent choice for those chasing winding rivers and wild nature. Moreover, the educational institution does not have enough students in such a program, so everyone can give a try and participate in it. Consequently, environmentalist designed various hunting and fishing trips to charm youngsters and to encourage sportsmen and women to partake in a variety of activities and events related to fishing and hunting. Students that study at the UM declare that it is a breath-taking setting that takes only half an hour to reach the mountains from the campus.

Texas A&M

For those who cannot imagine his life without outdoor activity, Texas is a solution. The college campus includes various associations, such as Dove Hunters, Hog Hunting, Aggie Anglers, and Trophy Hunters Association. Texas is an excellent opportunity to brush up your hunting skills, and fishing ones, if you are an angler. Moreover, the community is amiable and easy-going, and even government workers from that district claim that the network between authorities and students is unique and powerful. 

South Dakota State University

Those who are part of SDSU may well have access to neighboring fishing and hunting grounds if they have permission to do so. However, to obtain a permit to fish and hunt while being a student is not a tough and lengthy process. The university annually hosts huge fishing events, and now has burning ambitions to launch something similar related to hunting. 

Purdue University

It is widely known that Purdue University specializes in agriculture, engineering, natural resources. The range of the university’s activities is broad, but students can quickly be involved in American Fisheries Society, Duck Unlimited, and The Wildlife Society. People who take part in the above-mentioned activities and associations say that they tend to learn the ropes about conservation of whitetail deer, the fundamental knowledge about fishing, and many more.

Eastern Washington University

It goes without saying that EWU is situated five miles north of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, which gives the university a massive privilege above others. The terrain is abundant in coyotes, elk, turkey, coyotes, and various fish. Students are prone to have a choice whether they want to go hunting (Archery Club) or go fishing (Fishing Club). 

Colorado State University

Colorado State University is an old hand in developing people who aspire to take care of the environment. A plethora of candidates might enroll in the Warner College of Natural Resources if they are interested in fishing, wildlife, and intend to do their major regarding those subjects. Moreover, they have a chance to become a part of the American Fisheries Society, which tends to prepare graduates for a future career in fisheries management. 

Clemson University

When it comes to Clemson University, it should be noted that fishing sport is considered to be more popular than football for the reason that the Chattooga River, a beloved spot for fishing by an omnipresent fishing club in the terrain, is located just 40 minutes west of campus. Moreover, the Chattooga is home to over 100 fish species, including brown, rainbow, and brook trout. 

The University of Georgia

The UGA is considered to be one of the most desired places for the students because it puts robust stress on wildlife biology. What is more, the Quality Deer Management Association is prone to offer one-semester internships for capable and curious graduates. The UGA is also considered to be a place where general meetings of the most prominent associations related to wildlife conduct. 


The above-mentioned universities shed light on how the fishing and hunting sport develops these days. Offering great opportunities for students who aspire to become professional anglers or hunters, the educational institutions also frequently host a variety of events related to sports so that each and every sportsman and woman can take part and test him- or herself. Plus, students are also highly motivated to become a part of leading wildlife organizations and represent a specific chapter of the association within a particular college.

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