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Gozo Named The Best Scuba Diving Spot In The Mediterranean

Gozo, a short ferry ride from Malta, has been named the best diving spot in the Mediterranean. The island, which is known for its crystal blue water, underwater visibility, and warm sea temperatures, allows you to go diving all year round. It also has many dive spots that cater to all levels of experience, which you can explore courtesy of the Ritual scuba diving center.

The Azure Window

Dwejra Bay Gozo Malta - - Best Scuba Diving in World
Dwejra Bay Gozo Malta

The Azure Window was a 28-metre-tall natural arch and was one of Gozo’s major tourist attractions until it collapsed in 2017 as a result of stormy weather. Since the Azure Window’s collapse, thousands of scuba divers have explored the huge slabs of limestone, now strewn across the sea bed. With the collapse, Gozo has become an even more attractive diving location.

The Azure Window is one of many breathtaking diving experiences you can pursue. This includes 15 boat dive sites and 27 shore dive sites. Here’s our pick of the best diving spots in Gozo.

Blue Hole of Gozo

The Blue Hole of Gozo - - Best Scuba Diving in World
The Blue Hole of Gozo

Located at Dwerja, the Blue Hole is Malta’s most famous dive site. It’s a round blue whole made from rock formations over the centuries. The blue whole has a depth of 26 meters and it is 15 meters wide. The Blue Hole is connected to the sea through an underwater archway.

Gozo Wrecks

Mġarr ix Xini pano - - Best Scuba Diving in World
Mġarr ix Xini pano

There are three wrecks just off the shore of Gozo, namely; the MV Xlendi, the MV Karwella and the MV Cominoland. MV Karwella is the most popular of the three wrecks. It’s located in the southeastern coast of Gozo and it is approximately 50 meters long.

Cathedral Cave

Also known as Blue Dome, this site is ideal for those of you are more adventurous. The Cathedral Cave is located on the wall of a narrow gorge in Ghasri Valley. To access the dive, you can either walk down around 90 steps to the creek in Ghasri Valley, with your scuba diving gear on or access the dive spot by boat. 

Around 6 meters down you will find a cave. Inside the cave, the sunlight from the arch of the entrance and the many holes and cracks in the ceiling create spectacular blue lights.

Xlendi Cave

Xlendi Bay Gozo Malta
Xlendi Bay Gozo Malta

Xlendi Cave is located in Xlendi Bay and has a depth of 12 meters. The Xlendi Cave is in the form of a bent tunnel, which leads from one end to another.

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