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Record Number of Hunting Dogs Being Killed by Wolves

There's growing frustration for Wisconsin hunters after this years bear hunt has claimed a record number of dogs lives. The culprit isn't the bears they are hunting, it's wolves, which are a protected species and can't be hunted. A total of 40 dogs were killed by wolves in this years bear hunt, ...

Wolf Pack Takes Down Elk on Overpass

Christopher Martin and motorists witnessed quite the spectacle earlier this month when a pack of wolves tore apart an elk on a railway overpass in Banff National Park in Canada. Martin saw the events unfolding at the overpass as he snapped some once in a lifetime photos. An recounting of the ...

Dog battles wolves in vicious video

4-year-old Swedish elkhound Klara attacked by two wolves while hunting moose outside Sunne Municipality in Värmland County, Sweden, on October 12 2015. Klara wore a protective vest which held the action camera. The vest was also equipped with steel for protection against wolf attacks, which helped ...

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