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8 Hour Battle Lands Florida Man A 758-Pound Swordfish

Catching a fish doesn't get any better than it did for this Florida couple from Cape Coral. Bill and Debbie Lussier had no way of knowing what was in store for them when they booked a fishing trip with captain Nick Stanczyk, but it's a trip they'll never forget. It'd be impossible for anyone ...

Huge Daytime Swordfish – Over 600-pounds (video)

This video features a giant swordfish caught out of Miami, Florida, during the daytime. The monster sword has a core weight of 486.2-pounds, a 110" LJFT, and an estimated full body weight of over 600-pounds. It's rare to see such a large swordfish taken on hook and line, and even more rare to see ...

693-pound record swordfish caught off Florida

Adam Sattar caught the largest swordfish on record in Florida history* over the Labor Day weekend. It was more than 14-feet long (172"), and weighed 693-pounds. He was fishing with an electric reel - Daiwa MP 3000 - on a 130-pound custom rod by Bill Buckland. At just 17-years old, Adam has been ...

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