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Trapper Catches 44 Hogs at the Same Time

Feral hogs are a problem, but in many states they're more like a plague. With the ability to decimate crops and bring ruin to lands in extremely short amounts of time, it's no wonder it's open season on these nuisances throughout the entire year. Hunting them isn't enough in a lot of cases, that's ...

Wild Hogs Kill Baby Deer in Viral Photo

It's the photo that has the hunting world buzzing. It's the most viral hog story since this Slow Mo Helicopter Hog Hunting racked up millions of views. A family of hogs is carrying away a fawn, with no regards to hunting regulations. The photo was shared by's Facebook Page ...

Alabama Committee Approves Hunting Over Bait

The Alabama House of Representatives' Agriculture and Forestry Committee met on Wednesday, February 3, to debate legislation to end Alabama's law against shooting deer and hogs while they eat bait. It's currently illegal to shoot wildlife while they feed at a feeder in Alabama. To shoot deer or ...

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