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Unreal Footage: Game Warden Uses Glock To Frees Two Locked Bucks

Kansas Game Wardens are masters at using guns to save lives

Bodycam footage shows a Kansas Game Warden free two locked bucks with a shot from his Glock.

That should be a once in a lifetime shot but it turns out this isn’t even the first time a Kansas Game Warden has freed two locked bucks in a similar situation.

We witnessed another game warden (maybe even the same one?) in Kansas pull off a similar save a couple of years ago.
Lightning may not strike the same place twice, but once in a lifetime shots must follow Kansas Game Wardens around!

We tend to see crazy locked buck situations whenever temperatures start dropping and the rut starts.

The rut is beyond rough for the unfortunate bucks that wind up locked together with no way out.

Can I get a hand over here? A shot? Something?

One of the bucks has already died by the time the game warden discovers them. This left the other one to drag what’s left of the corpse around while trying to get free.

Coyotes had apparently gotten ahold of the dead buck and got as much out of him as they could.

It doesn’t look like the living buck had much longer before they would’ve come for him, so he got help just in time!

This game warden wastes no time in making his way over to the distressed buck once he arrives.

The deer seems like he couldn’t care less about being approached at first — he just wants to get free.

That changes once the first shot is fired and the buck attempts to get away from the warden, understandably.

Fortunately, it gives up after a few feet and the game warden’s able to land the last shot, allowing the buck to run off without his locked companion.

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