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Police In Kansas Ask People To Not Shoot At Tornados

Shooting at a tornado is a lot like diving head-first into a brick wall. Nothing good is going to come from it and you’ll end up looking like an idiot.

Apparently, the Lawrence, Kansas Police Department has seen or been made aware of enough of these so-called idiots that they decided they needed to go to Twitter to ask their citizens, “Please don’t shoot at the tornados.”

It’s a simple enough request with a simple enough response — we think.

We still can’t help but be curious as to why someone shot a tornado in the first place.

Was there a buck on the other side? Was it inside the tornado? Did the tornado owe them money? Was it trespassing and refused to leave their property? Maybe they were drunk?

Whatever the reason, we’re guessing it didn’t do anything to slow down the tornado, but there’s a high chance it could’ve ended up killing anyone who decided to post up and shoot a wind funnel instead of running away and seeking shelter.

Next time you’re face-to-face with a raging cyclone and happen to have your gun in hand, just get away as fast as possible and don’t waste your time, ammo, and life shooting at it.

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