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Navy SEAL Led Team Of Americans Hit New Long-Range World Record With 5,000-Yard Shot

When Lobaev Arms reported their team taking the world record for a long-range shot at 4,604-yards, we figured they’d hold the title for a little longer than this!

Former Navy SEAL Sniper Charlie Melton apparently didn’t like the record belonging to anyone other than the good ole U.S.A., so he decided to add a few hundred yards to the distance and set a new record. Melton set out with a team of Americans in Utah and hit a 40-inch steel target from 5,000 yards out. That means the bullet traveled right at 2.84 miles in a little over 12 seconds.

Apparently, Charlie managed to land the shot on his 37th attempt. You could give us 3,700 tries and we’d probably still be out there trying to land the shot.

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