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Scuba Divers Get The Shock Of Their Life When A 15-Foot Great White Shark Swims By

A group of scuba divers wound up in a terrifying situation when they encountered an absolutely massive great white shark on a trip to the Florida Keys. Luckily, the unpredictable shark was mostly just curious and wasn’t aggressive.

Three months ago, Cody Wabiszewski traded in his desk job in Butler, Pennsylvania, for a boat in Marathon, Florida. The former aerospace engineer now works at a dive shop and spends his days off scuba diving off the coast of the Florida Keys.

“I guess the cubicle life wasn’t for me. I’d rather be out on a boat every day,” Wabiszewski told Fox News on Monday, noting that he recently got his captain’s license.

The Florida resident was working on getting his advanced scuba certification with a group of divers — Chad Sawyer, Rima Dmitriew, Karen South, Valerie Sparks and Cody Wabiszewski — under the watch of Captains Skeeter and Michael with Captain Hook’s Marina and Dive Center near the Florida Keys’ Thunderbolt, a ship intentionally placed at the bottom of the ocean as part of the Florida Keys Artificial Reef Association project, when he had an unexpected encounter in the water.

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