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Real Life Jaws; 3,000-Pound Great White Shark Hooked in Hilton Head

There’s nothing like catching a giant sea monster right before Christmas.

Captain Chip Michalove, owner of a fishing charter company called Outcast Sport Fishing in Hilton Head, SC, recently caught a pair of great whites while on his first winter fishing trip off the coast this year. Michalove estimates the larger of the two was a massive 3,000 pounds.

He basically caught the real-life Jaws.

“Caught and released the first Great White Shark of the season this afternoon. At noon we hooked into the largest White I’ve seen out there, over 3k lbs, but she spit the hook right when we started to turn the boat around to give chase. I almost called it a day and headed in, but we reset and hooked into this little guy. First male white shark I’ve caught. We put an acoustic tag on him and sent him on his way. Congrats to Pavel for battling this guy around the boat and under the motor 4 times. 1-2 on whites in December isn’t bad, but I’m going to get that monster,” wrote Michalove on his company’s Facebook page.

Though she got away, Michalove isn’t going to let the massive female white shark get off the hook so easily.

“I’ll get her before the winter ends,” says the captain.


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