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Fishing Crew May Have Set New State Record with 926-Pound Mako Shark

The fishing crew aboard the Jenny Lee caught one monster of a mako shark while 100 miles off the coast of New Jersey on Saturday.

At 926 pounds, the shark is quite possibly the largest to ever be caught in the history of the state. The current record is a tiger shark caught in 1988 that weighed 880-pounds.

The crew was fishing in Hudson Canyon when they spotted the giant.

“It’s a pretty awesome feeling,” said Kevin Gerrity, captain of the Jenny Lee. “We saw him swimming up to the boat. We didn’t think we were going to get him, but we got him.”

Once they hooked up with the shark they spent the next 90 minutes reeling it in. Getting this massive brute onboard was so tough that some of the crew almost came out of the boat trying to bring it in.

“We were able to get him with a skipjack fillet with a squid combo as his last meal,” continued Gerrity.

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