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Fenix PD35 Tactical Flashlight Review

We got a chance to review this small yet powerful tactical flashlight from Fenix.  The light fits in your hand nicely and is just heavy enough to know that it is made with good quality.

You can use a couple different battery options on this flashlight.  You can get a rechargeable battery from Fenix (That uses a micro USB for charging) or simply use 2 CR123A to power the light.

The PD35 has a range of outputs and offers strob as well.  From low to “turbo”, any settign will give you the perfect light you need for any occasion.  The low will give you about 30 hours of use time (50 Lumens) whereas the “turbo” will give you just shy of 3 hours at 1000 Lumens.  The “strobe” function will also produce 1000 Lumens.

In all, this is a great flashlight with many outputs.  Whether you need gentle light for find something in a room, tent etc or you need to shine bright while in the woods or something at a distance.  The only con here is do be careful, the light will get hot if left on high for a period of time.

Why You Need One

You need one for when the stuff hits the fan. Whether it be a power outage, stumbling out of the campsite in the middle of the night or just to keep in your bug out bag, you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Or you could use it for hunting. Headlamps are obviously great for getting out to the blind or the stand, but there are times where having a flashlight in the hand is more convenient for specific tasks.

Really, with its huge number of brightness levels, adjustable beam, and small size, the PD35 can be used for just about any illumination needs that you might come across outdoors or even around the house. I cannot recommend it enough.

Interested in picking one up for yourself? You can order it online by clicking here: ORDER NOW

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