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VIDEO: Woman Records Rare ‘Positive’ Lightning Bolt During Storm

Thunderstorms are nothing new to people in Florida. If the sun rises, there’s a good chance there’s going to be a storm during the spring and summer months.

Lightning and Thunder are one thing, but it looks like there’s type of lightning we never knew about — positive lightning.

Also known as continuous current, positive lightning is up to 10 times stronger than a typical lightning bolt.

That’s pretty terrifying!

The bolt was captured by Erica Hite of Boynton Beach in a 12-second clip.

It sounds a lot like a big thing of firecrackers going off and ended up damaging a concrete dumpster barrier.

“It was crazy. Very scary, very loud,” Hite said. “It was just the right place at the right time. I could probably never in my life get something like that again.”

Lightning strikes like this make up 5 percent of all strikes. So, while it is rare, it’s not as rare as we’d find comforting.

Just remember to stay safe out there when the sky starts rumbling!

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