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Researchers Take A Deep Dive In Antarctica And Discover A Thriving Sea Floor

Antarctica doesn’t exactly bring about thoughts of a place filled with life.

Saying it’s cold there is putting it lightly, especially since 98% of the continent is covered in ice that’s over a mile thick.

It has a population density of anywhere from 180 to 900 people per million square miles, making it anything but abundant with life.

If that’s the case for the surface then there surely couldn’t be much life in the ocean around it, right?

A group of researchers wanted to find out, so they took a deep dive to 1000 meters (the deepest anyone has gone in the region) and found some incredible results.

Not only is there life down there, but it’s also filled with “marine snow,” which is organic material that’s a food source for many animals living there and is denser than anywhere else researcher Jon Copley has ever seen.

This is the exact opposite of anything we thought the sea floor in Antarctica would look like.

The ocean truly never ceases to amaze us, filling us with wonder and the desire to see more.

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