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Monster Shark’s Vicious Dolphin Attack Caught On Camera

An estimated 12-foot tiger shark attacked a dolphin just 165-feet off of a Newcastle beach. The series of amazing photos shows the drama unfold. The tiger shark initially stalks, circles, and attacks the dolphin, while it’s pod makes one last ditch attempt, and even a lifeguard on a jet ski attempts to save the wounded dolphin. Photographer Peter Lorimer of HeliServices Newcastle & Hunter captured the dramatic photos.

WARNING : These photos are gruesome. Do not view if you love dolphins, or don’t like blood.





Newcastle, located on Australia’s coast, recently made news because of another monster shark – a 16-foot great white. Beaches from Stockton to Redhead on Australia’s east coast were shut down for almost a week. This was the first time that these beaches have ever been closed. The irony in the rash of big shark sighting is that most locals believe it has to do with the shark nets – designed to keep sharks away. A whale was recently captured in these nets, and the sharks quickly moved in for the kill. While no one knows for sure what’s causing the rise in the shark sightings, local surfers have enjoyed their new found “private” beaches.




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