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Couple Takes Longest Road Trip Ever – 29,500 miles, Breaks World Record

To say Greg Cayea and Heather Thompson have been to a lot of places in the last few months is an understatement.

After starting a road trip in Tempe, Arizona, the couple went on a journey that has seen them visit 37 states in 103 days. That’s a lot of mileage, 29,500 miles to be exact, making it the new world record for the longest road trip in a single country, according to Travel + Leisure.

The previous record was 22,406.66 miles – which initially was set in India this April – but the couple passed that milestone on September 20. It’s safe to say that Cayea and Thompson have absolutely shattered that, especially since they aren’t done yet.

So far they have seen 22 national parks, visited a ghost town and found a number of unexpected tourist attractions.

The couple plans to visit all 48 contiguous states, meaning they only have 11 to go.

Out of all that they’ve seen, Beartooth Pass was the most beautiful.

“It’s an insanely beautiful drive that goes around lakes that look like melted glaciers, just like the ones of out Glacier National Park,” Cayea said.

In order to break the record, there are a certain number of rules they have to follow. That means no round-trips, no backtracking more than 10 percent of the total mileage, recording every stop, keeping a log book along the trip, recording at least 10 minutes of video footage of the journey per day, and making sure not to cross country borders.

Here’s a view of their journey as of October 25:

They are allowed two weeks total rest time and have spent 35 days on stops so far, making their 2008 Subaru Outback pull double duty as both vehicle and hotel.

Next up on the map is Hudson Valley in New York. They’ll most likely complete their journey within the next month.

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