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President Jimmy Carter Bags A Big Wild Turkey At 94-Years-Old

Age is nothing but a number for President Jimmy Carter. He hasn’t let anything slow him down in 94 years and he isn’t bout to start now!

President Carter was recently on a hunting trip at Real Tree Farms and bagged himself an impressive wild turkey.

“94 years old and still bustin’ beaks!” said Tyler Jordan of Realtree, who was with President Carter during the hunt. “An unforgettable morning in the woods with President Carter at Realtree Farms.”

It’s an impressive Tom, but that shouldn’t be any surprise since the former U.S. President was inducted into the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Hall of Fame in 2016.

If Carter wasn’t already one of the coolest outdoorsmen we’ve ever seen, it just keeps getting better.

He has written 29 books about his love for the outdoors. They cover a multitude of different topics and discuss the positive impact his love for hunting and fishing have had in his life.

“Outdoor topics are also sprinkled throughout many of his books,” said John Trussell with Georgia Outdoor News. “For example, in ‘An Hour Before Daylight,’ his best-selling book on growing up on a south Georgia farm, he says, ‘Throughout my young life, I was obsessed with hunting and fishing, and I was not alone. It was what my father, most of the men in town, families on the farm, and all of us boys wanted most when we were not working. We read, thought, talked, recalled past experiences and made future plans, all about hunting and fishing. I had a fishing pole in my hands as early as I can remember, and I would go hunting and fishing with daddy long before I could have anything to shoot other than a bb gun.’”

We hope we can be half the outdoorsman when we’re 94 that President Carter is!

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