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Goliath Found: Largest Wild Buck Ever Recorded Caught On Camera

This massive wild buck will keep you up at night

There’s a good chance your trophy deer this hunting season won’t top this monster buck!

Luckily, there’s still a lot of time to put that to the test and try to down the next monster whitetail buck to one-up this beast.

David Lindsey was out hunting when he spotted something he wasn’t expecting stepping out of the woods.

It was a deer so massive he could only call it Goliath, making it a hunt of biblical proportions.

Lindsey was up for the challenge since he’s no stranger to hunting massive deer.

Things don’t always go according to plan. Even with years of experience, things can go wrong.

When Lindsey took his first crack at the buck, he hit his target but the deer got away.

A disappointed Lindsey didn’t spot any blood, so he knew he had lost it.

Taking down this Goliath will take more than a rock

Fortunately, experience leads to patience and patience has been known to bring second chances.

Drury Outdoors was lucky enough that Lindsey wanted to share the footage of both encounters with them.

The footage he captured is nothing short of incredible. It’ll make any hunter’s heartrate go sky-high as Lindsey takes on this giant buck.

David and his team managed to get another chance at taking down Goliath, which they also call Baby G.

They found out where he had been hanging around since they missed him on the first attempt.

The team set up a ground blind in a prime location and waited for their opportunity.

Lindsey finally got his second shot at Goliath when he appeared at night.

With a steady aim and his sights set, Lindsey took his shot.

Goliath (Baby G) dropped.

These are the kind of hunting stories that get us pumped for hunting season!

Good luck and straight-shooting to all you hunters out there looking for your own Baby G this season.

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