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Watch Dolphin Make Hairpin Turns While Chasing And Failing To Catch Its Lunch

This acrobatic dolphin was in for a different type of fast food while trying to grab some lunch in shallow waters.

Footage captured from a drone by Michael McCarthy in Tampa Bay, Florida shows an intense chase with a dolphin in pursuit of a hard to catch Jack Cravelle.

The dolphin swims sideways and dodges rays as it tries everything it can to get the Jack in its stomach, but it keeps coming up short.

Luckily, the dolphin manages to hit get the fish in its jaws right at the end and immediately goes to work, using the sand to help tear the fish up.

“This is because their mouths don’t have enough jaw pressure to bite the fish in half, so when a dolphin catches a large fish they have to figure out how to tear it up,” McCarthy said.

Dolphin chases meal

INTENSE CHASE! A dolphin dodges rays, swims sideways, and makes hairpin turns while chasing down its lunch. Thanks to See Through Canoe for sharing! #WeLiveHere STORY:

Posted by FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay on Tuesday, February 26, 2019
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