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The Secret to Catching Catfish: WD-40 Marinated Chicken

Say goodbye to shelling out money for catfish bait, thanks to this easy to make catfish bait recipe that uses a few ingredients that you probably have at the house.

What does it take to make this ultimate catfish bait? According to Chuck Porter of Sumter, South Carolina, just three things: chicken thighs, garlic powder and liquid WD-40 – that’s it!

The chicken needs to be cut into small pieces that measure about an inch or two. Once the chicken is cut up, dump it in a bowl with some WD-40, add a ton of garlic powder and seal it up overnight.

It might sound strange to use WD-40 to catch a fish, but Porter has been using the lubricant since he first decided to spray some plastic worms with it to win a bass tournament. He later found out chicken worked even better than the worms.

While many fishermen have their own catfish recipe that gets the job done, this recipe might prove to be an interesting changeup.

“I’ve caught all different species of catfish with it, but mostly blues and channel cats,” says Porter. “I usually have other baits out, too, like cut shad, but most times the WD-40 chicken outdoes the others.”

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