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Massive Hammerhead Shark Falls Short of World Record Because of Technicality

Technicality may be the longest four-letter word on the planet, especially where fishing is concerned. Rarely is the word technicality thrown out when it doesn’t immediately cause an anglers dreams of tournament or world record glory to be devastated.

Jamie Dennis is the latest angler to lose out on an impressive world record after he caught an absolutely huge great hammerhead shark in Western Australia.

Dennis, 25, caught the shark after an hour and a half long battle with a 65-pound test line, which put it into the 130-pound line-class, at Pages Beach in Geraldton. He landed the monster with the help of is friend, Mitchell Palmer. As soon as they caught it they began measuring and taking photos. They measured the shark, which was 12.6 feet, and did everything they were supposed to – except one thing.

“I can’t claim the record because I didn’t measure its girth,” Dennis said

The current record for a catch-and-release hammerhead in the 130-pound line category is a 12 foot, 1 inch shark with a 6-foot girth caught by Josh Emerson on Jensen Beach in Florida in April 2008. It’s estimated to have weighed 758 pounds.

World record or not, Dennis still caught an impressive shark and  beat his personal best shark – a tiger shark measuring 12.1 feet.

“Can’t believe this day,” Dennis said on his Facebook. “I caught my dream shark. My first-ever great hammer.”

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