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Man Hits A Bass While Driving Down The Highway, Catches It In His Grill

Some people are just born to catch fish

A Kansas man had the bizarre catch story of a lifetime when he hit a bass while driving down the road.

William Myers was traveling down a shortcut off of Hwy 281 when he spotted a hawk trying to fly while carrying something.

The hawk managed to take off but it dropped what it was carrying and Myers ran into it.

Image via Gina Woods

“When (the bird) took off, the wind was blowing and (it) hit the front of my pickup. I thought he was going to break the front of my windshield out and he went over the top finally,” Myers says.

Grillmaster or bass master?

Myers didn’t just hit the fish, either. After checking out what it was a while after getting home, he realized the fish had gotten wedged inside the grill of his truck.

“I went out to move the pickup about two hours later. I thought, ‘what’s that sticking out of the grill of the pickup?'” he said.

The bass measured in at 12-inches, so it was a solid catch.

“To my father’s surprise when he got home and checked the grill of his pickup there was this bass in the grill,” said Myers’s daughter, Gina Woods. “Thought it was a freak accident.”

Woods said people across social media are saying her dad found a new way to grill fish.

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