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Angler Bags 235-Pound Alligator Gar That Could Be New World Record

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. Judging from the alligator gar that Darren Carr Caught back in August we’d have to say they’re right.

Gar are known for growing to massive proportions, but even Carr’s was a monster in comparison.

“We shot this fish Friday afternoon, probably about 6 o’clock,” Carr said as he, his wife Nicki and fishing partner D.W. Senney waited for the fish to be officially weighed.

The gar came out to an impressive 235-pounds and measured over seven-and-a-half-feet long.

Carr used to be a registered captain and guided commercially on Lake Amistad.

“Nowadays, we just do it for fun,” he said. “A bass fishing buddy of mine, Brendan Kimmel, called me and said, ‘Hey man, I saw a ton of gar in this cove. You might want to go check it out.’ So D.W. and Nicki and I went up there the night before and looked around, and D-Dub actually shot one that was 191 pounds with a bow and arrow.”

After almost missing out on his shot at the gar, it sunk down and gave him an opportunity.

He took his shot and sunk it into its back.

“She went blasting out of that cove toward the main channel of the lake. I just held onto the line, and she dragged me around for a while. We got out into deeper water, and she actually circled around me several times, came back toward me. The scary part was that I had line all around me and I didn’t want to get wrapped up in that,” he said.

The massive gar still needs to be entered, but it’s the pending world record.

After his incredible catch, Carr had one final point to make.

“That’s the last alligator gar I’ll ever kill personally. I have an uber respect for an animal that long-lived, and they’re becoming a rarity here in Texas.”

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