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Flatbed Launch: Boat Sinks At Marina Ramp

Tow trucks are great at sinking boats

A day on the water turns into a hilarious nightmare when this boat sinks at the ramp.

It looks like these guys had been out on the water for the day before they ended up nearly losing their boat.

We’re not sure what initially happened to jack-up the boat trailer these guys had.

There was too much boat for their trailer if you ask us. They should’ve taken it as a sign, whatever it was.

Help arrives in the form of a tow truck and it looks like everything is going to work out.

It doesn’t.

The tow truck driver didn’t feel comfortable with the trailer and said it was unsafe to drive with. So they decided the next best option was to launch the boat — from the tow truck.

We’re pretty sure there are some key boating safety tips out there everyone should be aware of. Those lists probably don’t mention launching a boat from a tow truck for a good reason.

What happened next wasn’t pretty, but it was hilarious.

The boat immediately takes on a significant amount of water at the stern as soon as the tow truck lowers it.

It’s too late to go back at this point, so the boaters do everything they can to make sure they don’t have a boat sink at the ramp.

They try everything they can, but it appears to keep getting worse. It even comes within a few seconds of rolling over onto the port side, but they manage to get it right side up.

It takes hard work and patience, but they manage to get it back on the trailer and out of the water.

We aren’t sure how the engine faired in all this, but we can imagine they’re going to have to have some work done before they attempt another launch.

The last thing anyone expects when planning a boating day is to end up watching their craft sink before their very eyes. Unfortunately, these things happen and even experienced boaters have watched their boats sink at the ramp on launch.


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