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Bass Guide Gets Stood Up By a Client, So He Has the Lunker Day to End All Lunker Days

As a fishing guide, there aren’t many options when a client just doesn’t show up for their day of fishing. You either go home or you go out and do what you came to do and just fish!

One of these two choices isn’t really a choice and Florida bass fishing guide C.C. Corey knew he only had one option – he took his boat packed with live shiners and went fishing. His results didn’t disappoint and he caught a 46 lb. five fish limit. The largest of the bunch came in at an incredible 12 lbs. flat!

Several of his catches looked like they were a couple meals short of being able to swallow a man whole.

One thing’s for sure; unless something serious happened in the clients life, they messed up big time and have to be kicking themselves (repetitively) right now.

This was a once in a lifetime day of bass fishing for most people right here and it was all caught by one man. Who’s ready to book a trip?

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