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Who Needs Trees? This Owl Prefers To Dig Holes And Live In Them

We’re not entirely sure what to make of this bizarre burrowing owl, but we know this isn’t your everyday bird.

While most owls prefer the cover of night and the protection of treetops, this owl says forget all that.

Instead, it prefers to stomp around in the daytime and make its bed underground in a hole it burrowed.

This isn’t what we expect to see when we think of an owl. But we’ll take this over an owl that transforms; every single time.

These owls are capable of building their own home from scratch, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make use of the hard work of another animal.

In this case, the owl finds an old armadillo burrow and makes it his own.

But not before making a few alterations to make the place his own.

His shelter isn’t just a cool place to kick back and relax while taking a breather. It’s also where his mate has been incubating her eggs for the last month.

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