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VIDEO: Hail Mary Throw Saves Woman From A Vicious Polar Bear Attack

If Russia needed more reasons for people to think it’s a dangerous place to be, these polar bears terrorizing a small town in the far east are doing a great job.

Multiple incidents had been reported several years ago that a pack of polar bears had attacked and even killed people in town.

This particular video shows a woman who is said to have been drunk when she was near an abandoned house. Apparently, the polar bear had taken up residence in or near the house and decided it was dinner time.

The bear quickly and viciously attacks the woman. Thankfully, there were some witnesses nearby who saw and started throwing bottles at the bear. Luckily, they manage to hit the bear and not the victim, causing the bear to run off.

We’re not sure how injured the woman ended up being from the attack, but we know we’d be moving out a lot faster than a brisk walk!

WARNING: Graphic Content


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