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Rare Footage Shows Savuti Leopard Catch A Catfish

Leopard’s are some of the most elusive animals in the world. Just spotting one in the wild can prove to be a challenge, but catching one catching a fish is something else entirely.

Marco and Manuel Ansón were in Botswana’s Chobe National Park on a trip and had heard there were leopards that fished in Africa.

“We knew about the unique Savuti fishing leopards, so we went looking for them,” said Marco.

It was during the winter months when they went, which means the Savuti Channel dries up to a series of small ponds. They were able to locate a leopard and were ecstatic they had, but what they managed to capture next truly amazed them.

“The animal walked to the water very slowly and stared near the muddy water,” said Marco.

The leopard then spotted a catfish and slowly entered the water and approached the fish.

“Suddenly the leopard dived into the dark water. After catching the catfish in its mouth, the Savuti leopard emerged coated in dark mud. The cat came close to our vehicle to rest in the shade to eat her catfish trophy,”

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