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Potential New World-Record Elk Harvested In Montana

A new world-record elk may have been killed by a Montana hunter who is choosing to remain anonymous for the time being.

Officials at the Boone & Crockett Club are excited about this impressive harvest, as it’s the biggest elk to be bagged in nearly half a century. | Continuous News | Missoula & Western Montana

“This bull may well be the largest typical American elk taken in the last 48 years,” said Boone & Crockett’s Director of Big Game Records, Justin Spring.

Before an official score can be made, the antlers need to dry for 60 days.

An initial report from the Boone and Crockett Club Facebook page gave the elk a green score measurement of 429-6/8 net and 448-4/8 gross. For reference, the current Pope & Young Club’s work record is an elk shot in Arizona in 2005 with a score of 412-1/8 points.

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