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Police Arrest Man After Illegally Killing Moose And Dragging It Behind His Truck

Shooting an animal out of season is never going to end well for the perpetrator, especially when they kill it an unnecessarily brutal manner.

A Virginia man faces charges for six violations in the case of poaching a female moose and treating it in an extremely cruel manner.

Gerin Fortin, 20, is accused of shooting a female moose from his pickup truck, hitting it with his truck, shooting it again, chaining it to the truck and dragging it down the road.

“Fortin allegedly chained the moose up to his truck and dragged it more than 11 miles to the town of Orleans, where it was left to rot,” according to a news release.

It’s also believed the moose had a nearby calf at the time of the incident, as she was found to be lactating when she was killed.

The suspect is subject to serve one year in jail and pay $8,000 in fines. He’ll have to appear in court on December 26.

Fortin’s truck, rifle, ammunition and truck chains have all been seized and entered into evidence.

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