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Fire Department Warns That Snakes May Ruin Summer By Hiding In Pool Noodles

There’s a place in plain sight that snakes may be hiding at your next pool party — pool noodles!

The City of Buckeye Fire Department in Arizona warned the public in a Facebook post that they should be careful where they store their pool noodles. The warning comes after they found out a citizen stored noodles against a wall by their pool and discovered a rattlesnake inside one the next time they moved it. The snake didn’t attack, but there were a couple of young rattlesnakes also inside the noodle.

Reports even show that some snakes have laid eggs inside pool noodles. Although rattlesnakes don’t lay eggs, it’s clear they may choose to make use of the noodles for protection with their young.

The post goes on to warn anyone who comes across a rattlesnake to stay calm so they don’t startle it, which could cause it to attack.

That’s a lot easier said than done, especially since having a snake slither out of a pool toy is likely to make most people act anything but calm.

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