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Dog Miraculously Survives After a ‘Kill Shot’ By Arrow Through Chest

Junior, a 2-year-old rescue pup, is lucky to be alive after a close call with a hunting arrow on September 22, in Eatonville, Washington.

The dog was shot from what appears to be close range. His owner, Heidi Austin-Root, believes elk poachers are to blame for the would be fatal wound.

“He got shot right through the chest,” said Austin-Root. “Barely missed his jugular. It was definitely a kill shot.”

Junior’s owner believes he and another family dog were scaring away elk in the private woods next to the Eatonville property. When the poachers saw what the dogs were doing, it’s believed they became angry and shot Junior.

“The poachers had to get close enough to get a full shot. There was no mistaking for a deer or anything,” Austin-Root said.

“I feel if they can hurt an animal, they can hurt a person. Honestly, that’s what scares me,” she continued.

Junior will recover, though he’ll most likely suffer from a permanent limp.

There’ a $5,000 reward for any information on whoever is responsible for the senseless attack.


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