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Carpenter Goes Fishing And Snags Six-Foot Halibut, Largest Ever Caught From Shore

Halibut can get pretty massive, but British angler and carpenter David Wood-Brignall caught one that’s as big as he is.

Not only was it a big fish, the 150lb, six-foot-long fish is now the world record for largest ever caught on shore.

Wood-Brignall was on a fishing trip in Bodo, Norway when he hooked the fish, which he said felt like a bus when it first hit. It was such a fighter that he spent 35 minutes battling it until he finally reeled it in.

When he weighed the fish it came in at an insane 153lb 8oz. That absolutely shattered the previous record of a shore-caught halibut at 111lb 15oz.

The fish produced a whopping 160 fillets, which were either shared with locals or donated for auction for the Dungeness RNLI in Kent.

“It’s only just starting to sink in. It’s amazing,” Wood-Brignall said.

As massive as this shore-caught halibut is, it’s nothing compared to what they can reach in the open ocean. German angler Marco Liebenow caught a halibut in 2013 that weighed in at an incredible 513lbs.

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