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Over 16,000 Redfish To Be Released In Florida Waters To Help Red Tide Damage

Although earlier estimates for the number of redfish being released into Florida waters to replenish populations decimated by red tide were around 10,000, it looks like that number is being pushed even higher in an effort to help as much as possible.

More than 16,000 redfish will be released into southwest Florida waters starting Tuesday in an effort to recover the thousands of animals killed by red tide, the Coastal Conservation Association of Florida said.

“We’re extremely excited to begin releasing these fish now that the waters are determined to be safe,” CCA Florida Executive Director Brian Gorski said in a statement. “Between these releases, encouraging anglers to catch-and-release and promoting conservation, we’re going to see this fishery improve, and we’re honored to be a part of it.”
More than 2,000 tons of marine wildlife washed ashore as a “red tide” algae bloom choked Florida’s Gulf Coast for months last year. Red tide results from toxins released by dead algae blooms. The toxins, which can be steered by wind and water currents, are deadly to wildlife, including fish. Red tide also may cause irritation to people’s skin and lead to respiratory problems, especially for those with asthma.
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