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Video and Story of Massive, Viral Bluefin Tuna That Almost Tipped Over Boat

It’s the photo you’ve seen 100 times if you’ve ever been on a Fishing Forum, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. But, do you know the true story? Nat from First Light Anglers and his client Ron snagged the fish of a lifetime when they reeled in a 712lb – 101″ giant bluefin tuna in Gloucester, Massachusetts. And, for the story directly from the angler, read below.

From the FirstLightAnglers YouTube page: Well, Nat and his client Ron had quite the fish yesterday. I will let him fill in the details but after tagging 3 fish in the morning Nat put out the last bait and watched it get devoured by a slob. In just about an hour, which is totally remarkable, Nat harpooned the fish which ended up being 101″ and a whole body weight of 712lbs. A huge congrats to Ron, who did stand up to a giant, and obviously Capt. Nat for this amazing catch. Add to that, the fish was landed with a 12′ 90lb fluorocarbon leader!! Go get ’em, Derek

And, for more of the story from

Well, it was certainly a day to remember. One of those stars aligned lucky ones where it couldn’t have gone better. Ron wanted to tag only, but I brought Ice anyway. The night before I decided to put on some new top-shots just for the hell of it. We put a new leader on that rod because it had already caught a couple fish that morning. Derek and I decided last week to put the harpoon, tailrope and block and tackle on board, just in case. I’m thankful for a lot of these, but also for an incredible effort By Ron the angler, who had already fought two fish and stepped up and straight killed the big one. I’d also like to thank Mark Kooskalis who gave me the last bait out of his tank because his clients couldn’t catch another one, and hung around while we fought it. Without him and one of his clients we would never have gotten that fish in the boat.

And, now you know the rest of the story from the viral photo that makes the rounds every few months!

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